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Anjali Ayurveda N.S

Holistic Treatment Centre





"Eleanor Autumn House"

26 Willow Street, Yarmouth N.S.

the following treatments are offered:






Authentic Ayurveda Treatments as follows:


Abhyanga, 1 person Massage


Pinda Swedana


Kadivasti, Greevavasti & Januvasti



Dosha Testing Individual or Group sessions

Referrals to complementing Health Practitioners


 A select variety of Ayurvedic supplements, herbs, tinctures and body creams are currently available. Check the Apothecary for a current list of available products. Many of our products are made locally.
















Services are covered by MOST Health care insurances.

Please note - Oil is generously applied during Abhyanga as well as ALL of our Ayurveda treatments. Please do not plan social events or outdoor events after your Ayurveda treatment. Try to rest, drinking plenty of room temperature liquids.  it is also recommended to keep the oils on for a minimum 4 hours (ideally 12 hours) as they continue to heal after the treatments

Namaste, Doreen